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Choose Install Method

It's generally recommended to install Unpackerr the same way you installed your Starr or download apps. If your existing infrastructure exists in Docker, then Unpackerr should probably live in Docker too.

If you're using the Folder Watch feature, then we recommend installing Unpackerr native (not Docker) on the server where the files-to-be-extracted reside.

Docker Folder Watcher

The Folder Watch feature uses inotify (a.k.a. fsnotify) to identify changes to the folder. A folder-poller is automatically started when run in Docker because inotify is unreliable.

Watching folders in Docker will cause Unpackerr to constantly poll the watched-folder for changes. Unpackerr cannot determine when a download is finished downloading while running in Docker because inotify is not reliable. Make sure to set the start_delay high enough to avoid beginning extractions while files are still being downloaded.

Alternatively, run Unpackerr as a native service instead of in Docker.

Instructions Available


Unpackerr uses a lot CPU, and tends not to work well when running on smaller systems like Synology NAS devices. Running Unpackerr on a system with a large CPU is ideal to avoid system performance degradation.

These guides are provided by community members.

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